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Systemo Elements

Since 2012, Systemo, as a company belonging to the Schüller group, has been selling products made of high-quality, authentic materials, such as ceramic, quartz, glass, solid wood and SensiQ. Systemo products are characterised by their elegant appearance, high-quality finish, pleasant feel and excellent cleaning and care properties. As well as worktops, Systemo offers a range of products that give a kitchen design a uniform, contemporary look: wall cladding, support panels and breakfast bars, which enable you to create a sociable kitchen island.

One Material for a Matching Design

Modern kitchen design is based on clear lines and uniform composition. Systemo offers a wide range of modern design solutions. Whether they are wall panels, support panels or bar worktops elements from Systemo can help you create your personal dream kitchen.

If you want high-quality design, we recommend that you pick matching wall plates and worktops. In order to achieve the same effect with ceramic and quartz worktops, the Systemo panel system is also available in these materials. Systemo panels are elegant, easy to clean and stable. The thin stainless steel coloured or onyx black intermediate profiles add a minimalist touch. Organisational elements for kitchenware or herbs can be easily hung up.

By now, support panels have also become unique design elements. Matched up with the front panel, they can create a cubic, nearly monolithic effect. An elegant aesthetic is achieved when the front panel, the support panels and the recessed panels are all cast from the same mould. Either as a standing table or a dining extension table, Systemo bar worktops perfectly fit your needs. In contrast with the flat front panels, the bar worktops add some top-quality flair to the kitchen. This way, the kitchen becomes a communication centre.


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