Systemo Fenix – natural and sustainable

The use of innovative materials and a special manufacturing process involving electron beam hardening creates a surface that is not only unique but hard-wearing too. Special nano-particles and acrylic resins extensively prevent any finger marking (Anti-Finger-Print). The surface has a soft feel, classy matt finish and is extremely hard-wearing. The surface easily copes with knocks, scratches and household cleaning products.

FENIX is highly resistant to heat. The material‘s surface consists of densely crosslinked polymers that have a memory of their own. If the surface is damaged by micro-scratches, the original lattice structure can be restored with a steam iron. This makes micro-scratches vanish into thin air. FENIX is water-repellent, hygienic and highly effective at combatting germs and preventing mould, making it perfect for use in contact with food and easy to keep clean.