Systemo Solid wood – natural and sustainable

Solid wood is a natural and living material with a unique character and natural beauty that evolve over the course of time. Slight variations in colour, texture and grain within a type of wood are normal and underscore the product‘s authenticity. They are attributable to the material‘s origin and are determined by age, growth and external influences. External influences, such as exposure to strong sunlight, may also lead to changes in colour and texture. This unique qualities emphasise the particular character of this natural product and give the material a unique aura. The timbers we use come from sustainably managed forests and are pre-treated by us with a high-quality solid-wood oil. To produce our worktops, we only use high-quality timbers and attach particular importance to a perfectly crafted finish.

Natural oak
Oak is a European deciduous tree and comes with a decorative grain. The colour spectrum ranges from pale, light brown to rich russet. Oak is very frequently used for manufacturing board and furniture.

Natural knotty oak
Natural knotty oak differs from natural oak in terms of its ingrown, distinctive knots. These give this solid wood a vibrant coloured texture and grain. The knots are irregular in number, form and position.

American walnut
The walnut tree growing in America is strongly grained and richly coloured. The colour spectrum ranges from russet to dark brown. American walnut is a high-grade timber and is used in making exclusive furniture.