Systemo Quartz – natural and sustainable

Systemo quartz contains 93% natural quartz and 7% colour pigments and binder. These constituents are mixed in a complex process, cast into a mould and converted into panel material under high pressure, vibrations and vacuum conditions. One side of the panels is then grounded and polished. The optimum combination of constituents and modern manufacturing processes ensure that the mechanical and physical properties of Systemo quartz are similar to those on high-grade natural stone. High colour fastness and structural uniformity are assured by the manufacturing process.

The unfinished Systemo quartz panel is 1,2 cm thick. Panels of various thicknesses are then produced from this unfinished panel. The visible edges of the 1,2 cm thick elements are grounded and polished as well as chamfered. The visible edges of 2,9 cm and 3,9 cm thick elements are finished in the form of an apron. This apron is then glued to the panel surface via a mitred connection. A small chamfer is then applied to the mitred corners. The resultant joint is almost invisible. The 2,9 cm and 3,9 cm thick elements are subsequently supported from below by filler material strips.