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A real eye-catcher

People have always been fascinated by glass. Due to its excellent material properties, low-maintenance and the numerous design possibilities it offers, this smooth material is perfectly suited for worktops.

The specially treated surface of the satin-finished optiwhite glass will attract you with its extremely high resistance to scratches and cut marks. Such a surface guarantees optimum colour rendering.

Systemo offers a wide spectrum of colours for glass surfaces, from crystal white to bronze, enabling you to put a personal touch on your kitchen. The fact that lacquered glass surfaces may change iridescence in different lighting depending on their inherent colour and surface structure leads to some interesting effects, which is perfect for adding a personal touch.


NEW - Glass matt pebble grey AS


Glass matt crystal white AS


Glass matt seashell white AS


Glass matt crystal grey AS


Glass matt onyx black AS


Glass matt lava black AS


Glass matt Sahara beige AS


Glass matt stone grey AS


Glass matt terra grey AS


Glass matt agate grey AS


Glass matt platinum metallic AS


Glass matt bronze metallic AS


Glass matt basalt metallic AS



Be inspired by exceptional kitchens and gather ideas for your own design.


G277A Glass matt agate grey AS


G277A Glass matt agate grey AS


G572A Glass matt platinum metallic AS


Authentic materials for a long life cycle: Systemo’s worktops use natural materials that have been additionally processed in order for them to meet the high standards required in the kitchen.

Scratch- and cut-resistant

Glass surfaces are renowned for being hard and resilient. Due to a special surface treatment procedure, the worktop has a satin-finish which is highly resistant to cut marks and scratches. A cutting board or mat should always be used to protect the surface and the sharpness of knives.

Safe for use with foods

Glass surfaces are hygienic since they do not release harmful substances. They also extensively prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. This makes the glass worktop ideal for use in direct contact with foods. Therefore, storing or cutting food on the worktop is completely harmless.

Planning details

The Systemo range provides a multitude of options to meet kitchen design requirements. Not only the thickness of the worktops but also a consistent layout strongly influences a kitchen’s appearance.

Matching support panels, recesses and wall panels give the kitchen a touch of class. What’s more, many Systemo worktops are extremely well-suited to the flush-mounted installation of sinks and hobs.

Flush-mounted installation of hobs

Easy to keep clean, no gaps in which dirt can accumulate, no differences in height. Perfect for installing hobs in glass worktops. Hob cut-outs result in slight colour differences at the worktop‘s front edge. These cannot be avoided for technical reasons and do not constitute any grounds for complaint.

Fitting an undermount sink

Undermount sinks are bonded below the glass worktop before leaving the factory. It creates a very subtle, delicate frame fitting situation for the stainless steel sink. This cut-out is absolutely watertight and the area around the sink is provided with optimum protection from moisture. This mounting option makes the area around the sink easy and convenient to clean. Sink cut-outs result in slight colour differences at the worktop‘s front edge. These cannot be avoided for technical reasons and do not constitute any grounds for complaint.

Edge finishing

The glass worktop is predestined for creating kitchen work surfaces with a subtle, understated feel to them. To conjure this look, the edges are ground and finished with a 1 mm chamfer at top and bottom. This gives the kitchen a clean, reduced look.

Elements and panel thickness

Worktop: 13 mm

Care information

Etched and satin-finished, the anti-scratch surface is extremely resilient to scratches and cut marks. The surface is hygienic because no substances can be deposited or released.

The surface is generally resistant to the formation of moulds and bacteria. Consequently, the glass worktop is suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. More on cleaning & care »


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