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A natural and sustainable unique product in your kitchen

A natural material with a unique look and exceptional material properties, a gem of nature in your kitchen – Natural stone. Formed over millions of years, this very hard natural material is cherished for its robustness in everyday kitchen use.

For admirers of aesthetic beauty, natural stone guarantees an exceptional and timeless experience thanks to its natural colours, textures and surfaces. Every natural stone worktop is one of a kind in terms of its texture and colour, a timeless unique piece. Veining, colour variations, hairline cracks and pores are evidence of its natural origin and make the material so individual and authentic.


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Lassen Sie sich von außergewöhnlichen Küchen inspirieren und sammeln Sie Ideen für Ihre Gestaltung.

Natural stone

N1030 Nero Assoluto classic

Natural stone

N1030 Nero Assoluto classic

Natural stone

N1030 Nero Assoluto classic

Natural stone

N1010 Viscont white

Natural stone

N1010 Viscont white

Natural stone

N1060 Mystic Grey


Authentic materials for a long life cycle: Systemo’s worktops use natural materials that have been additionally processed in order for them to meet the high standards required in the kitchen.

Scratch- and cut-resistant

Natural stone is an extremely hard material, making it largely scratch and cut-resistant. In order to protect your valuable knives, we recommend using a chopping board at all times. Your knives may otherwise become blunt or traces of metal abrasion may be left on the worktop.

Safe for use with foods

Systemo natural stone surfaces are hygienic and suitable for direct contact with foods. The surface finishers used are food-safe which means that foods can be stored or processed directly on the worktop.

Pressure- and shock-resistant

Fundamentally, Systemo natural stone is a very hard and pressure-resistant material. Veining, pores, inclusions and textures can produce variations in structure and, from this, also lead to differences in strength within a slab. Impacts should therefore be avoided to prevent damage. When cleaning the kitchen, do not stand or support yourself on the worktop with your full weight. This may result in overloading, particularly in the area of webs. Cracks may appear as a result.


Systemo natural stone is always resistant to acids. Common household acids, such as vinegar, fruit or mineral-water acids, cannot harm the surface. However, colourants contained in liquids may leave deposits.

Temperature Resistance

Natural stone is produced over millions of years under high pressure and temperatures. This makes natural stone tops extremely hard-wearing. Nevertheless, very hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on them. To prevent damage from stress cracking in the worktop, we recommend you use suitable pot stands.

Planning details

The Systemo range provides a multitude of options to meet kitchen design requirements. Not only the thickness of the worktops but also a consistent layout strongly influences a kitchen’s appearance.

Matching support panels, recesses and wall panels give the kitchen a touch of class. What’s more, many Systemo worktops are extremely well-suited to the flush-mounted installation of sinks and hobs.

Flush-mounted installation of hobs

Easy to keep clean, no gaps in which dirt can accumulate, no differences in height. Perfect method for installing hobs in natural stone worktops!

Flush-mounted installation of sinks

Flush-mounting is a characteristic feature of modern kitchen planning. Systemo natural stone is the ideal material for producing smooth transitions between sink and worktop – without sharp edges, hygienic and perfect in appearance.

Surface and edge finish

The Systemo natural stone elements in a thickness of 2,0 cm are solid. The satinated surface let us meet the trend towards matt surfaces in the kitchen. The unique surface finish is created by means of special brushing processes. The edges are matt ground or satinated and finished with a chamfer.

Size and weights

As Systemo natural stone is a natural material, maximum size is limited to 280 x 120 cm. Given their large dimensions, Systemo natural stone worktops are perfect for use in the kitchen as their large format requires in fewer butt joints. A natural stone worktop weighs approx. 30 kg/m² for every 1 cm of thickness. This means that a 2 cm natural stone element measuring 280 x 120 cm weighs approx. 200 kg.

Fitting an undermount sink

With undermount sinks, the sink is positioned directly below the worktop. The natural stone surface continues beyond the edge of the sink. As a result, there are no differences in height or gaps in the surface and the worktop is easy to clean around the sink. The edge of the sink cutout is always matt ground. Undermount sinks can be provided with optional draining board or draining grooves. These are produced with a slight gradient towards the sink so that water can drain away unimpeded.

Care information

Natural stone excites with its natural beauty. With the right care, you can preserve the unique character of the natural stone surface. All our natural stones are impregnated at the factory to protect them from soiling and the ingress of liquids.

Systemo natural stone elements are resistant to moisture and dirt and resistant to common household chemicals, acids and foodstuffs. More on cleaning & care »


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