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Nature trumps all

Solid wood is a natural material which develops its own unique character over time. The timbers we use come from sustainably managed forests and are pre-treated by us with a high-quality solid-wood oil. To produce our worktops, we only use high-quality timbers and give special importance to a perfectly crafted finished product.

Slight variations in colour, grain and texture are a sign of authenticity and make each worktop unique.

The open-pored surface of the material ensures comfortable indoor climate. Its warm and soft appearance provides a sensual experience.

If you take regular care of your worktop, it will bring you joy for years to come.


Natural oak, oiled


Natural knotty oak, oiled


Natural walnut, oiled



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Solid wood

H689 Natural walnut, oiled

Ceramic & Solid wood

Niche: C2770 Marble nero effect | Worktop: Solid wood H689 Natural walnut, oiled

Solid wood

H689 Natural walnut, oiled


Authentic materials for a long life cycle: Systemo’s worktops use natural materials that have been additionally processed in order for them to meet the high standards required in the kitchen.


Systemo solid wood worktops are extremely stable due to their substantial pre-processing. The individual strips of solid wood are finger-jointed to ensure that the worktop works only to an extremely small degree. Worktops that are thicker than 100 cm are additionally reinforced by metal on the rear side. This reduces the risk of any possible warping.

A living material

Systemo solid wood worktops are treated with two coats of oil before they leave the factory. This preserves the wood’s texture and natural elegance. As a result of its open pores, the worktop may react to changes in indoor climate. It absorbs small quantities of moisture, releasing it later on to create a pleasant climate inside the home. This means that liquids can soak into the solid wood.

Planning details

The Systemo range provides a multitude of options to meet kitchen design requirements. Not only the thickness of the worktops but also a consistent layout strongly influences a kitchen’s appearance.

Matching support panels, recesses and wall panels give the kitchen a touch of class. What’s more, many Systemo worktops are extremely well-suited to the flush-mounted installation of sinks and hobs.

Fitting an inset sink

To protect the worktop where the sink is installed, we recommend inset sinks only. These are best for protecting the sensitive end grain at the cut-out and minimise the risk of swelling.

Edge finishing

The edges of the solid wood worktops are finished with a chamfer of approx. 2 mm. This gives the kitchen a clean, modern look. The solid wood worktops also go perfectly with „Country Style“ kitchens and produce a balanced unit.

Size of the worktops

The Systemo solid wood worktop is available in a maximum size of 490 cm x 120 cm. Due to these large formats, the Systemo solid wood worktop can be used in the kitchen as it permits the creation of large worktop surfaces with few butt joints.

Elements and panel thickness

Worktop: 40 mm

Care information

In order to preserve their natural beauty, natural wood surfaces should be cleaned and cared for regularly. Regular care guarantees longevity of the surface. In general, dirt and liquids should be removed immediately and long exposure of the surface to them should be avoided.

Regular care with a special HABiol wood care oil will help preserve the natural appearance of the surface and and protects from marks and dirts. More on cleaning & care »


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