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The velvety matt surfaces will impress you

The unique look of the highly developed laminate SensiQ, which bears a striking resemblance to matt lacquer, is a puristic design element.

SensiQ consists of a laminate surface made of various layers of paper. Electron beam hardening gives the surface its super-matt look and velvety-soft feel.

This material’s captivating nature is the result of its unique properties which make the front panels look flawless and uniform. Thanks to its innovative anti-fingerprint properties, annoying fingerprint smudges are now a thing of the past.

The timeless colours enable unique design solutions.


NEW - SensiQ pebble grey fine matt AFP


SensiQ crystal white fine matt AFP


SensiQ seashell white fine matt AFP


SensiQ crystal grey fine matt AFP


SensiQ cobalt green fine matt AFP


SensiQ onyx black fine matt AFP


SensiQ lava black fine matt AFP


SensiQ Sahara beige fine matt AFP


SensiQ stone grey fine matt AFP


SensiQ terra grey fine matt AFP


SensiQ agate grey fine matt AFP


SensiQ Indian red fine matt AFP


SensiQ tuscany yellow fine matt AFP


SensiQ azure blue fine matt AFP



Be inspired by exceptional kitchens and gather ideas for your own design.


K417F SensiQ azure blue fine matt AFP


K207F SensiQ pebble grey fine matt AFP


K207F SensiQ pebble grey fine matt AFP


K292F SensiQ Indian red fine matt AFP


K292F SensiQ Indian red fine matt AFP | K142F SensiQ cobalt green fine matt AFP  


K292F SensiQ Indian red fine matt AFP


Authentic materials for a long life cycle: Systemo’s worktops use natural materials that have been additionally processed in order for them to meet the high standards required in the kitchen.

Scratch- and cut-resistant

SensiQ surfaces are exceptionally hard-wearing, making them ideal for use as worktops. The material used and the special way in which it is processed make the surface highly resistant to scratches and cuts. A cutting board or mat should always be used to protect the surface.

Safe for use with foods

The surface is hygienic as harmful substances cannot be released or emitted. The poreless surface extensively prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. This makes the SensiQ worktop ideal for use in direct contact with foods. This means that foods can be stored as well as processed on the worktop.

Planning details

The Systemo range provides a multitude of options to meet kitchen design requirements. Not only the thickness of the worktops but also a consistent layout strongly influences a kitchen’s appearance.

Matching support panels, recesses and wall panels give the kitchen a touch of class. What’s more, many Systemo worktops are extremely well-suited to the flush-mounted installation of sinks and hobs.

Flush-mounted installation of hobs and sinks

Easy to keep clean, no gaps in which dirt can accumulate, no differences in height. Perfect for installing hobs in SensiQ worktops.

Sub-surface undermount sink

Sub-surface installation means that the undermount sink is bonded in place directly under the SensiQ surfacing material. For this, the worktop is milled away below the worktop surface layer where the sink is then fitted and set in resin. This creates a very subtle, delicate frame for the sink. And it not only makes the cut-out absolutely watertight, it also provides the area around the sink with optimum protection from moisture. This mounting option makes the area around the sink easy and convenient to clean.

Edge finishing

The modern SensiQ surfaces are predestined for creating a neat and subtle feel. For this purpose, the worktop is finished with a 1,3 mm edge in the same colour. The corners are slightly rounded, which gives the worktop a very delicate feel. This makes it possible to create kitchens with a very modern, clean and reduced look.

Elements and panel thickness

Worktop: 16 mm

Care information

The surface has a soft feel, classy matt finish and is extremely hard-wearing. The surface withstands knocks, scratches as well as normal household cleaning products without any problem whatsoever.

SensiQ is water-repellent, hygienic and highly effective at combatting germs and preventing mould, making it perfect for use in contact with food and is easy to keep clean. More on cleaning & care »


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