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If you like natural stone, you will love quartz

A revolutionary material from Systemo which is shiny due to its excellent material properties and enables easy cleaning and care.

Systemo quartz stone is a hybrid material made from natural and recycled materials that give the surface exceptional hardness and resistance. The constituents are mixed in a complex process, cast into a mould and converted into panel material under high pressure, vibrations and vacuum conditions. One side of the panels is then matt ground or polished. The optimum combination of constituents and modern manufacturing processes ensures that the mechanical and physical properties of Systemo quartz stone surfaces are similar to those of high-grade natural stone. The worktops required for a particular order are then manufactured accordingly from this panel material.

Systemo quartz worktops will impress you with their one-of-a-kind appearance, unique aesthetics and functionality.


NEW - Lime delight matt

Q1390 - silestone

Negro Tebas 18 polished

Q1300 - silestone

Cemento Spa polished

Q1310 - silestone

Seaport matt

Q1320 - silestone

Poblenou matt

Q1330 - silestone

Blanco Zeus matt

Q1340 - silestone

Calypso matt

Q1360 - silestone

Et. Marquina matt

Q1350 - silestone

Et. Calacatta Gold matt

Q1370 - silestone


Be inspired by exceptional kitchens and gather ideas for your own design.


silestone | Q1330 Poplenou matt


silestone | Q1330 Poplenou matt


silestone | Q1330 Poplenou matt


Authentic materials for a long life cycle: Systemo’s worktops use natural materials that have been additionally processed in order for them to meet the high standards required in the kitchen.

Scratch- and cut-resistant

Quartz is one of the hardest materials, second only to diamonds, and harder than steel. As a result, these panels are largely resistant to scratching and cutting. To protect your high-quality kitchen knives, however, we recommend that you always use a chopping board, otherwise the knives will become blunt and leave traces of metal abrasion on the worktop.

Safe for use with foods

Systemo quartz worktops are ideal for use in direct contact with food. This means that foods can be stored or processed directly on the worktop. Its fine, poreless surface does not absorb any contaminant particles and is therefore very hygienic.

Pressure- and shock-resistant

Systemo quartz worktops are highly resistant to pressure. Ordinary kitchen chores cannot damage them. However, as with every material, point loads should be avoided, as they can cause damage. When cleaning the kitchen, do not lean on the worktop with your full weight, as this may result in overloading, particularly in the area of the webs, for instance, in the sink area. This may result in cracks.


Systemo quartz worktops are resistant to common household acids such as citric acid, mustard, acetic acid or methylated spirits.


Systemo quartz has a closed, smoothly polished and therefore basically non-absorbent surface. Therefore, liquids (e.g. oil) do not leave any permanently visible traces. Even smaller stains, such as splashes of grease around the cooker or coffee stains, can be easily removed.

Temperature Resistance

This elegant material is highly resistant to the usual temperatures encountered when cooking. However, in order to avoid any changes in colour or damage to the worktop, placing hot pans and pots directly on the surface should be avoided. This particularly puts webs around the cutouts at risk. Suitable pot stands should be used in order to avoid all risks.

Planning details

The Systemo range provides a multitude of options to meet kitchen design requirements. Not only the thickness of the worktops but also a consistent layout strongly influences a kitchen’s appearance.

Matching support panels, recesses and wall panels give the kitchen a touch of class. What’s more, many Systemo worktops are extremely well-suited to the flush-mounted installation of sinks and hobs.

Flush-mounted installation of hobs

Easy to keep clean, no gaps in which dirt can accumulate, no differences in height. Perfect for installing hobs in quartz worktops!

Flush-mounted installation of sinks

Flush-mounting is a characteristic of modern kitchen layouts. Systemo quartz is the ideal material for producing smooth transitions between sink and worktop - without sharp edges, hygienic and perfect in appearance.

Fitting an undermount sink

The 1,2 cm thick panel creates a delicate frame for the stainless steel sink. The quartz surface continues beyond the stainless steel sink and is not interrupted by the steel material. As a result, there are no differences in height or gaps in the surface and the worktop is easy to clean in the area around the sink.

Edge finishing

So that the material of the quartz worktops is optimally enhanced, Systemo uses a very simple edging technique. Its modern appearance is enhanced by gluing the apron to the surface via a mitre. A small chamfer is then applied to the mitred corner. The resultant joint is almost invisible. This complex detailed work is implemented with panels of 2,9 cm and 3,9 cm thickness.


Creative kitchen architecture sometimes also calls for unusual solutions, such as worktops of different depths. Instead of butting two panels as is normally done for a change in depth, the Systemo quartz panel can also be produced as a single piece. This jointless protrusion is made possible by the use of modern cutting technology.

Elements and Panel Thickness

  • Worktop: 12, 29 and 39 mm
  • Recess cladding: 12 mm
  • Recess and wall panel: 18 mm
  • Support panel element: 12 mm

Care information

Since there are no pores in the surface of Systemo quartz worktops, liquids and grease cannot penetrate inside the panel and stain it. The worktops are largely scratch and cut-resistant. The Systemo quartz worktops are suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs.

The fine, non-porous surface repels foreign particles and is resistant to common household acids, such as citric acid, mustard, acetic acid or even methylated spirits. More on cleaning & care »


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